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Inheritance Tax reaches new highs

HMRC collected £5.3 billion from Inheritance Tax last year, a 13% increase on the Inheritance Tax paid in the 2016/2017 tax year – that’s a significant increase.

There are many reasons why experts think there was such an increase, including the fact that there was quite a property growth spurt over the past few years, as well as the Nil Rate Band being frozen at £325,000.  This increase includes the introduction of the Residential Nil Rate Band! Imagine if we had not had that? With that allowance increasing by only £25,000 in April this year, it is unlikely to make a huge difference to these figures.

However, all is not lost, here are 5 ways to potentially help you pay less Inheritance Tax that could help keep your cash in the family. Remember, Inheritance Tax is 40% – nearly half of the asset’s worth!

  1. Make a Will …
    • Often neglected but very important. Without a Will your assets will pass according to the Rules of Intestacy, meaning you will have no control over who they go to, and a larger proportion may end up in the taxman’s pocket.
    • If you would like to find out what the Rules of Intestacy are, follow this link:
  2. Give it away …
    • There are many ways to gift money during your lifetime that mean the assets are outside of your estate on death.
    • You can use annual exemptions, which means there is no waiting period for the asset to leave your estate, it is gone immediately.
    • To find out what the gifting allowances are, follow this link:
  3. Give even more away …
    • If you wish, you could give away more than your annual exemptions allow. Providing you then live for a further seven years or more, the full amount of the gift will be outside of your estate for Inheritance Tax.
    • Make sure you keep a detailed record of your gifts so that HMRC cannot question this after your death.
    • Follow this link again for more details:
  4. Use your pension allowances …
    • Pensions are free of Inheritance Tax so make sure you use your annual pension allowance of £40,000 if you can.
    • Remember you must have net earnings of at least £40,000, otherwise you can only put in the maximum amount of your net earnings … but that is better than putting in nothing.
  5. Set up Trusts …
    • Trusts can be very effective in reducing the size of your estate. They work similarly to gifts in that you must live for seven years after you put money into a trust, but they provide much more protection and control over the assets during your lifetime.
    • If you want to make a gift but are worried about how the recipient may use the money, or you don’t want them to have access to it just yet, then Trusts are definitely worth considering.
    • Obviously there are many more rules and many different types of trust, so come and see us and we can set up the right one for you.

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