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In May 25, 2016
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If you are one of our Clients, you will know that you benefit from your own personal Client Website. This website enables you to track your Investments and Pensions, ensuring that we are on target to get you close to your financial goals. Goal setting is at the heart of every recommendation that we make here at Redwood, so it is of upmost importance to us that we keep focused to ensure our Clients goals and ambitions are achieved!

Some very exciting news has come from head office, letting us know that they have developed a new Client Website, which is due to be released in the next couple of weeks.

Now don’t panic, the client log in process is staying the same, so you don’t need to worry about changing usernames or passwords. But once you do log in, you’ll see that your website has had a bit of a face lift!

The only downside is, the app for use on your iPads and mobile devices, won’t be ready at the same time, as it needs to be approved by Apple (They are perfectionists, which isn’t a bad thing!). So the app will still be on the old system for a little while. Clients wishing to use the new website will need to log in using a desktop PC, until we notify you that the app has been updated.

We are currently working on Client friendly guides for the new website, so that you will easily be able to make the most use out of the new functions.

So what are these exciting new changes?

There are many updates to the Website, and every page has been given a fresh new look. The biggest improvements are:

Pending Investments

Once we have submitted your Investment or Pension, you will now be able to view them on the website under a Pending’s heading. This is great, because although we of course update our Clients regularly, if you want an update at the weekend when we are closed, you can simply log on and see the progress immediately.


Of course you are already aware of the ImpulseSave function. But for those that are not aware, this function allows you to top up your Investment or Pension, as long as it is on the Platform, at the touch of a button with as little as £1! This cuts out the need to pay us the full initial adviser fee, as you will get a much reduced rate, as well as cutting down on time. I love this function personally, because if I’m being good (which isn’t very often!) and I feel like I should save £20 rather than buying a new pair of shoes, then it is so quick and so easy, and it gets me closer to my goal!

The new change is that some Clients were giving feedback that it was a bit of a pain to find the ImpulseSave button, but now it is a big bright green button on the front overview page, so you can’t miss it! If you click on the button, the system will then ask you which Investment you wish to top up and will then just guide you through to payment. Easy!

Scheduled ImpulseSave

Clients can now use ‘scheduled ImpulseSave’. This is where you can set yourself up reminders which will pop up, telling you that you should ImpulseSave. This does not carry out the ImpulseSave, just reminds the Client to log in and do it. This is good for Clients who don’t want to commit to a direct debit but would like a helpful reminder to save any surplus cash you have, perhaps at the end of the month.

I always want new shoes on pay day, so I might set up a scheduled ImpulseSave reminder for then, to remind me I should be good!

Goal Setting

As I mentioned earlier, we are all about goals setting. But sometimes, as life progresses, our goals can change. Clients can now edit their existing goals, including the name, the term of the Investment, the target growth rate you wish to achieve and the target monetary amount too.

This is amazing, because we can then ensure that your Investment strategy is brought in line with your changing lifestyle, goals and ambitions, so that we are always focused on achieving what is most important to our Clients.

You will also now see a goal line on the performance graphs of your Investments. This way, you will see the actual performance, as well as your target and whether you are on track.

And again, with changing circumstances, you can now update your assets and liabilities that we have on file for you. For example, if you have paid off a credit card, you can now remove this from your details.

Relationship View

Clients can now also view their partner’s Client Website, as a joint view, if you are associated on our back office system. This saves the need for logging in and out, and is particularly helpful for those Clients that have joint assets or goals that this wish to view and update.

Existing & New Investments

The biggest change by far is that Clients can now buy a new Investment, or transfer their existing Investments, without having to involve an Adviser or pay for the research and report fee. There is a notification which reminds the Client this would be non-advised business of course, so this may only be helpful for smaller Investment sums. If you are undecided whether you require advice or not, just call the office and talk to one of the team.

You can choose to do a Quick Investment, where you just choose the product and fund, or you can choose the Plan & Invest option. The Plan & Invest option allows you to set your own goals, run through the attitude to risk questionnaire and choose the level of risk you want to take with the Investment, then choose the funds and the product.

This will be great for those Clients that for example, want to set up a new ISA to make the use of the new tax year allowances, if they don’t already have one. Or for those that want to transfer simple Investments, that maybe don’t have any tax implications. However, if you are unsure about anything at all, you should always come in for advice and follow the full process.

What now?

We can’t wait to unveil the new Website to all of our Clients, and we hope this will be ready in time for our Annual Investment Seminar, so that we can provide a small demonstration. We will also be holding separate meetings throughout the year, to help our Clients navigate around and answer any questions that people may have.

We love new technology, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! We hope you are as excited as we are!

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