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£20,000 Life Savings In Kitchen Food Container Thrown Away!

£20,000 life savings in kitchen food container thrown away!

People are being warned against hiding their savings insecurely after a Dunbartonshire family accidentally threw away their 80 year old mother’s life savings while clearing out her house.

Her daughter had been clearing out the kitchen of old pots, pans and out of date food items while her mother was out. She knew nothing about what was in the tins until her mother returned and told her it was her life savings.

The brother and sister siblings of the mother immediately returned to Dalmoak Recycling Centre, near Renton in Dunbartonshire in a panic and asked the council team on site to help them. Council workers Tony Scanlon and Kenny McAdam took on the messy job!

A stroke of luck meant that one of the yard’s two compactors was out of service and so the rubbish bags had been piled up in a skip and crushed with a digger.

“We moved the skip to the back of the yard to keep people away and started going through it,” said Tony. “We pulled the bags out, put them in the digger, moved them. “Eventually after an hour-and-a half we found the heavy bags. We burst one of the bags open and found one of the Bisto tubs.” Twenty minutes later Kenny found the other four tubs in another bag.

There are much safer ways to save your money!

Luckily, this story ended well for the family involved. But why take the risk of having your cash lying around the house when any number of things, from fire to theft, could mean you lose everything. There are plenty of cost effective ways to protect your savings, while having easy access to your cash, earning some interest and potentially tax relief too!

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