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Are you a ‘hands on’ grandparent?

With working life getting more hectic and childcare more expensive, increasingly grandparents are stepping in to pick up the slack and help out.

If this is the case for you there is a benefit you could be missing out on, or actually are most likely missing out on, because only 20% of those eligible currently claim it.

If you think about it, depending on how “hands-on” you are in looking after the grandchildren, it can become a full-time job that is sometimes harder than working a 9-5, so why not get a little extra towards your retirement fund for doing it?

If you care for children under the age of 12 and you are below state pension age you qualify for Class 3 National Insurance credits that count towards your qualifying years for the full state pension. If you are retiring after April 2016 you need a full 35 years to qualify for the total amount, and so this would be a great way to top up if you need it.

You do need to make a claim, so for further information please follow the link to the official website: