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Brexit Kicked Down The Road!

Brexit Kicked Down The Road!

The ‘Brexit Can’ has officially been kicked a little further down the road, to 31st October – unless the PM can get MPs to vote for her deal, in which case we can leave the EU earlier. But since her deal has been defeated in Parliament three times now, that doesn’t seem likely.

This means we will almost certainly have to take part in the European Elections at the end of May. It also means a return to politics for Nigel Farage, who has unveiled his new Brexit Party candidates for the EU elections. He is hoping to sweep up the seats held by his former friends at UKIP by distancing the new group from the far-right radicals with whom UKIP are associated.

Meanwhile, ministers are still attempting cross-party talks with Labour to agree to some next steps and break the deadlock. Perhaps everyone will be more agreeable now they have had an Easter break?

Bookmakers still have relatively high odds that we will leave the EU this year, but these odds are drifting while the odds of revoking Article 50 and cancelling the whole Brexit thing altogether are climbing ever higher!

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