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Clients We’ve Helped – Retire By 65 or Sooner!

Rob & Lucy Evans

Objective: Retire by 65 or sooner!

Lucy, 53 years old – Housewife

Rob, 55 years old – Computer Analyst

Various Pensions & Investments


Rob & Lucy had accumulated various Pensions and Investments, but they had no clue what they were worth or how they were performing. They wanted to be mortgage free and to retire on a total income of £25,000 per annum (not including State Pensions) by 65 at the latest!


The Solution

We established that they needed £500,000 to live on for the rest of their lives, without the fear of ever running out of money. After reviewing their Pensions & Investments, which totalled £385,000, we recommended some changes to consolidate their policies, reduce charges and improve performance.


The Outcome

5 years before Rob’s planned retirement date, their Investments & Pensions had grown to £508,475 allowing Rob to retire. They started drawing an income from their Investments and Pensions to replace Rob’s employment income. They now spend their time having fun with their grandchildren and going on a number of holidays.


If you would like to retire by 65 or sooner, come along to one of our upcoming Pension Seminars, the next takes place on Wednesday 25th April at The Village Hotel, Portsmouth.

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