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Free Copy Of The Life Book

Free Copy of The Life Book

We understand how difficult the loss of someone we care about can be, and the stress and complexity of sorting out their affairs after they have gone. With so many more people experiencing a loss right now, we are pleased to make The Life Book available as a complimentary e-book to everyone who registers for a copy.

It is no surprise that a major global event like Coronavirus gets many of us thinking about our own mortality and getting our affairs in order if only as a precautionary measure. Instinctively, we want to make sure that those we love and leave behind have a little to worry about and sort out when we are no longer here.

We meet so many Clients who tell us how difficult and stressful it is to navigate through the complexities of dealing with a loved one’s estate once they have passed away. This complexity became greatly amplified to us as a family with the loss of a parent and grandparent in our own family.

It was this experience that motivated our expert Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning Adviser, Steve to write a book dedicated to helping the loved ones left behind after a death. This amazing and helpful book is full of useful information and guidance on the things that really matter, but we are often never told about. Reading through this book, there is a real sense that Steve had one clear aim in creating it, which is simply to help people through what for most will probably be, the hardest event they will ever face in their lives.

There are endless publications these days on Probate. However, none of them helps to guide you through the maze of other decisions that need to be made in a way which is understanding and supportive of what emotions you will be going through at that time.

The incredibly helpful worksheets and checklists help The Life Book reader with some simple yet really effective early planning that will support and assist their loved ones when that time comes.

Death has a 100% success rate; however, in our experience less than 1% of us will properly prepare for our death with true Estate Planning. The only question for each and every one of us is will we make the time to prepare for this sad and inevitable event? This book definitely makes it much easier to do the latter!

How do I register for my free copy of The Life Book?

To register, please email: , or call 01489 877 547 and we will email you your copy!

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