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Millennial Minds

Millennial minds

Millennials are often referred to as the “snowflake generation” and are regularly criticised by the media for being lazy and entitled. However, some evidence suggests that those born between 1981 and 1996 will be the first generation to experience a lower standard of living than their parents and grandparents for a variety of reasons, including student debt, stagnant wages, soaring house prices and inadequate pensions. As a result, Millennials are sometimes considered as (and can consider themselves) hard done by.

It is thought that Millennials’ stereotypical favourite pastime of using social media could be the key to attracting this generation to the world of Financial Planning. Using Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and others could be a way of offering advice to Millennials who need information that is easy to access. So all that scrolling might not be for nothing after all!

Social media aside, wouldn’t it be great if we could raise their awareness that Financial Planning now will be a significant benefit to them in the future. If you have children or grandchildren who could benefit from any advice or are keen to kick-start a Pension Plan, Savings or Retirement plan, or even Estate Planning, and certainly everyone from age 18 should have Powers of Attorney in place as you never know what is around the corner.

The great news is we can help – and we will try to make it interesting! So why not get your children or grandchildren to come along and meet us. We can help them plan for an amazing future!

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