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Notes On Brexit

Notes on Brexit

While it seems that there has been a lot happening, with the recent European elections and Theresa May’s resignation, on the Brexit front nothing has changed but of course, with almost daily changes any comments here could be out of date before they’re even read! But that said, let’s try to have a little bit of an update.

While the Tories battle it out over who will be the next Prime Minister, and Nigel Farage tries to insert himself into the negotiations, nothing about Brexit will change in the near future. We are still due to leave the EU by the end of October and it is up to the new Prime Minister, whoever they may be, to try to convince the EU to re-open negotiations – something they are adamant will not happen.

The odds are that the new Conservative leader will be a hard Brexiteer and could trigger a General Election to try to get the mandate necessary to break the deadlock (which Theresa May attempted to do in 2017, although it didn’t work out too well for her). However, this still won’t change where we actually stand with Brexit, which is the same as we’ve been since the referendum – that is nowhere.