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One year countdown for PPI

It was one of the biggest financial scandals that has resulted in £31.9 billion worth of compensation being paid out, with an estimated £10 billion yet to be paid.

Whilst not all policies were mis-sold, they were pushed on consumers who may not have wanted or actually even needed them.

Not all of the PPI will have been visible either, but will have been hidden within repayments, so it is worth looking into. Some people have agreed to have it investigated just to stop the incessant calls (!), only to find that they are actually due thousands of pounds in repayments without ever having known that they had been charged in the first place.

Obviously, you should remain vigilant for those companies that may be out to take advantage of you, but maybe don’t write off those PPI callers that do get in touch, especially if they are willing to look into it for you free of charge.

The deadline for a claim is 29 August 2019, so if you think you may be owed, don’t leave it to the last minute to find out. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.