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After creating your Online Will, you have three packages to choose from.

Premier Will
or £79 for a Couple
  • Create and download your Online Will to print at home
Superior Will
or £99 for a Couple
  • Includes professional check from our legal experts
Superior+ Will
or £119 for a Couple
  • Includes professional check, printing, binding and postage

Create your Will and protect your loved ones in just three easy steps

We will take you through the process of creating a professional and legally binding Will step by step, using plain English and no legal jargon.

1. Type It

Tell us about you and your wishes

2. Print It

Print a copy of your personalised Will

3. Sign It

Sign with two witnesses to make it legal

Why make a Will?

Protect your family

Set out your Funeral wishes

Protect an unmarried partner

Peace of mind and certainty

Control who gets your Estate

Establish guardianship for your children

A business you can trust

British Wills & Probate Awards - Firm Of The Year (South) Redwood
Online Wills Backed By Trading Standards
Our Advisors Are Decorated And Recognised Industry Leaders

Firm of The Year South

Redwood Wills & Trusts were recognised as Will Writing Firm of the Year for the whole of Southern England, at the 2018 Wills & Probate Awards.

Trading Standards Approved

Redwood are approved members of the Trading Standards Buy With Confidence Scheme. It’s an accreditation that means we are a business that has proven we are someone you can trust.

Young Practitioner of The Year

Our Managing Director was recognised in November 2018 as the Young Practitioner of the Year for the whole of the UK, at the British Wills & Probate Awards.

Award-winning, full members of The Society of Will Writers

Is it legally binding?

Yes! A Redwood Online Will is 100% legal in England & Wales and has been created with and by legal experts.

Are there any hidden fees?

Absolutely not! The price you see is the price you pay, including VAT!

Is help available?

Guidance is available from professionals if required.

Peace of Mind

Professional Expertise

Our Online Will Service has been developed to the same exacting standards and legal compliance as our award winning personal advice service.


We care deeply about your personal data and you will have secure access to Redwood Wills Online through your own personalised username and password.

You're in the driving seat

You decide it all! Who inherits your Estate, who the Guardians of your children are, who your Executors are and your funeral wishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Redwood offering Online Wills?

We believe everyone should have access to affordable, professional and legally binding Wills, that protect them and their beneficiaries, regardless of their Estate Value. With over 21 years experience in crafting Wills, Trusts & Estate Plans, we are now making it even easier for people to access our award-winning expertise in Will creation.

How can you offer such great value for money Wills?

We have taken the same great principles of service, quality and expertise that we apply every day when crafting professional Estate Plans for our Clients, and distilled this into a fast, efficient and effective online offer.

Is having a Will really that important?

YES! Over 60% of adults in the UK do not currently have a Will. This means that well over 30 million people run the risk of having their Estates distributed according to the Laws of Intestacy. That means the Government decides who inherits your Estate and in what proportions.

Can I really write a Will online without a solicitor?

Yes! There is absolutely no need to use a solicitor to draw up your Will. We have worked with our expert legal advisers to make sure that our Wills comply fully with the legal requirements of England & Wales. Most solicitors use a standard Will template to take your instructions. The Redwood Online Wills software ensures we create a fully personalised Will for you.

What are the requirements to make a Will?

You must be ‘of sound mind’ and aged 18 year or over. You must be able to understand what is in your Will and you must be making the Will voluntarily. For a Will to be legally binding, you must sign it after completion in the presence of two witnesses (who cannot benefit from your Will). Your witnesses must add their own signatures.

What makes Redwood the right choice for me?

With more than 21 years experience specialising in Wills, Trusts and true Estate Planning, we have built a formidable reputation for helping multiple generations of families to grow, protect and enjoy their wealth.

We are approved by the Trading Standards Buy With Confidence Scheme which audits and approves businesses as ‘trustworthy’ and ‘safe to do business with’.

We are full members of The Society of Will Writers and Redwood were also winners of the coveted Will Writing Firm of the Year for Southern England in 2018, where our Managing Director also scooped the prestigious Young Practitioner of the Year for the whole of the UK.

But don’t just take our word for it, check out what our Client Reviews say!

How do I know this is the right type of Will for my personal circumstances?

You will be guided by the Online Will Writing Service through several critically important questions about your current circumstances and wishes. For most of you, your responses will determine that a Basic Online Will is the right product for you and your needs. If your circumstances and needs indicate that you potentially need a greater level of protection, for example Inheritance Tax mitigation, you own a business, farm or property abroad you will be unable to complete your Will online. You are likely to need a greater level of Estate Planning advice to fully protect your Wealth.

But don’t worry, we are still here to help!The Online Will Writing Software will ensure that you can have a complimentary one to one conversation with an expert Adviser to understand your personal needs.

How does the Online Will Writing Service Work?

We provide you with a series of structured, easy to follow questions in plain English to create your own personalised Will. You can complete and preview your Will for free. Once you are happy that it reflects your needs and wishes, simply complete the online payment and your Will is instantly ready for you to download.

Do you offer a checking and printing service for my completed Will?

Yes! For a small additional fee, we offer two further add-on packages to our Premier Will Service:

  • Superior Will Service – Having completed your Will online you can then mark it for us to check. Once checked, we will confirm it is accurate and legal or speak to you about any recommended changes. You will then be notified that your Will is ready to download, print and sign.
  • Superior Plus Will Service – In addition to the checks we complete under the Superior Will Service, we will professionally print, bind and post your Will to you for signing.

Do you offer a Secure Storage Facility?

Yes! We can offer a Secure Storage service for your Will including unlimited future amendments from £25 a year. Please call us for more information on 01489 877 547.

Can I choose to store my Will myself?

Yes. However, if you choose not to use our storage service, you will be responsible for the safe and secure storage of your Will. We recommend you inform your Executors of the location of your Will.

What is an Executor and what do they do?

An Executor is a person or company (such as a bank or firm of solicitors) named in a Will to carry out or execute the wishes of the deceased and distribute the Estate upon death. In England and Wales, a person must be at least 18 years old to be an Executor and of sound mind.

The Executor has a list of tasks they are legally obliged to carry out. If at any point you are struggling with the legal or financial implications of being an Executor, Redwood Wills & Trusts are always at hand to help, should you need it.

At Redwood, we ALWAYS recommend that you appoint someone you know and trust to be an Executor. Appointing professionals can lead to costly additional fees for your loved ones. Should they need professional help and advice, they can hire professional advice when they need it.

What is a Guardian and what do they do?

If you die leaving children under the age of 18 and there is no other person living who has parental responsibility, you can choose who you would like to be their Guardian in your Will. The Guardian(s) will be responsible for looking after your children as they grow up, having control over their welfare, health and schooling. If you don’t appoint a Guardian, then social services will decide who should raise your children.

What is a Witness and what do they do?

Witnesses are people who see the act of you signing your Will and who add their own signatures and names to the Will to confirm and prove this. It is a legal requirement that your Will needs two adult Witnesses. The Witnesses do not commit themselves to anything by adding their details; they simply witness you signing the Will. You do not need to show or share the contents of your Will with them.

Please note: Witnesses, or their spouses,must not be beneficiaries of the Will, or the Will could be invalidated. We recommend you use friends, work colleagues or even your neighbours to be your Witnesses.

Are there any Tax liabilities upon my death?

Typically, your funeral costs would be paid for out of your Estate before any remaining Estate value is shared between your beneficiaries. With a 2019 report by Sun Life highlighting the cost of a funeral now reaching £9,500, this can be a very unpleasant legacy to leave your loved ones. However, you can mitigate this burden by purchasing a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan. This is a service Redwood are pleased to be able to offer should you need it.

Caution: While this might seem a great idea, there are many circumstances where this could just be moving the tax liabilities to the next generation! We recommend you watch our Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning Seminar Video Recording if you believe you may have an Inheritance Taxation risk. Alternatively, call us to join one of our FREE Live Webinars on this subject. Please call us for more information 01489 877 547.

How will my Funeral be funded?

Typically, your funeral costs would be paid for out of your Estate before any remaining Estate value is shared between your beneficiaries. With a 2019 report by Sun Life highlighting the cost of a funeral now reaching £9,500, this can be a very unpleasant legacy to leave your loved ones. However, you can mitigate this burden by purchasing a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan. This is a service Redwood are pleased to be able to offer should you need it.

Click here for more information. Alternatively, call 01489 877 547 or email

Are my funeral wishes legally binding?

Your funeral wishes are part of the Will but are at the discretion of your Executors. However, people left behind are often grateful to be given funeral wishes at a difficult time, and they will normally do their best to carry out your wishes. For your loved ones, knowing that you have specified your funeral wishes means that they do not have to make difficult decisions at a stressful time.

Haven't found what you were looking for?

If you have any other questions, please contact us 01489 877 547 or email and we will be delighted to help you.