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The Value Of Professional Advice…

The value of professional advice…

Of those who received advice between 2001 and 2014, calculations have shown that the advice received added £2.5 billion to people’s Savings and Investments.

With increased regulation around the illustration of Fees and “worst-case scenarios” it can be difficult to communicate the full value of taking advice on your Investments. Taking advice not only brings financial rewards but it can also offer personal support and advice that outweigh any initial and ongoing-fees of most reasonable Advisors.

Some of the benefits of employing a great Financial Advisor are:

  • Rebalancing – Advisors can make impartial and fact-driven decisions on when and how to rearrange your Investments to bank your gains or take advantage of any other opportunities to improve your growth
  • Avoid Behavioural Mistakes – your Advisor will be unbiased in their decision making and can avoid the mistakes often made unknowingly by individual investors
  • Additional Planning – you may not need only Investments to make your Estate more effective, but also other Planning that will be vital for your future, and that you may not have known about
  • Tax Planning -Tax is a minefield! And because you don’t know what you don’t know, you should always employ people who know the best way to deal with Tax to help you pay less
  • Personal and financial support – when life gets difficult, a good Advisor will be there to support you, whether it be a personal issue or something Financial
  • There are a multitude of additional benefits that are impossible to cover in this one article but are invaluable to investors such as you – if you are an existing Client, they are things you are already receiving.

If you are a Wills & Trusts Client and you know someone who would benefit from our advice, then please ask them to get in touch – as you have referred them their first meeting will be free of charge. Alternatively, please direct them to one of our free Public Education Seminars where they can learn more about us.

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