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Warning issued over pitfalls of DIY wills


Families who are incorrectly filling in homemade wills could be disinheriting their children.

So-called ‘Do-It-Yourself’ kits have grown in popularity over recent years, namely because of the reduced cost. Tempted by the price of just £20 in some cases, an increasing number of people are choosing to consolidate their final wishes using a DIY kit, or are at least attempting to.

A number of legal professionals have documented a rise in the number of Clients who could be disinheriting their desired beneficiaries, namely because they’re asking them to be a witness to them signing the Will. As a result, they are then ruled out of obtaining anything from the associated estate.

Of course, where homemade will kits are concerned, this isn’t the only problem that could arise. Wills are complex documents with intricate legal language and it’s important to obtain expert help. We would never recommend writing a Will without professional advice and guidance.