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We Need To Talk About Death!

We Need To Talk About Death!

The BBC Radio 4 programme, We Need to Talk About Death, hosted by the incredible Joan Bakewell, is back for its the third season and all three seasons are available on the BBC iPlayer as Podcasts now.

Joan and her panel discuss the difficult and often avoided subject death and dying, exploring the choices open to us and confronting the questions we fear the most. This show really helps to breakdown the barriers and taboo’s that surround this topic, one that is inevitable for every one of us!

In the latest episode, the subject is My Dying Wishes and explores how to ensure your wishes at the end of your life are respected. Other topics covered in the series include what happens to your digital assets when you pass on, what happens when you donate your body to medical science and what happens in the days and hours that surround your death.

Morbid? Maybe.       Interesting? Very.       Need to know? Absolutely!

We thoroughly recommend this series to our Clients and commend the BBC for tackling this subject.

You can access all the episode here BBC Radio 4 Podcasts