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What Is A General Power Of Attorney And When Should I Use It?

What is a General Power of Attorney and when should I use it?

A General Power of Attorney form allows a relative or friend to legally deal with your affairs for specific periods or events.

What is a General Power of Attorney?

There may be specific events or periods of time when many of us find we need to give control of financial and legal matters to others.

During the current COVID-19 crisis, for example, many people find themselves self-isolating and relying on others to do the things we would normally do ourselves, so we need to give others the power to act on our behalf in certain matters.

A General (or ‘Ordinary’) Power of Attorney form is a legal document that allows this to be done. It could, for example, allow someone to sign cheques and letters for you if you were unable to leave this house.

When can a General Power of Attorney form be used?

In England & Wales, it applies only to your property and affairs. You cannot use it to authorise someone to make decisions about your personal welfare.

This document does not allow you to grant authority to someone to perform in your role as a Trustee or Executor (i.e. administrator) of someone’s Estate.

The General Power of Attorney form is automatically cancelled if you become incapable of making decisions conferred in the General Power of Attorney.

If you want to make a Power of Attorney that remains valid if you become mentally incapable, then you should make a Lasting Power of Attorney.

There is no requirement for the General Power of Attorney form to be registered.

For the form to be valid, the ‘Donor’ (the person granting the Power) and the ‘Attorney’ (the person being granted the authority) must be over 18, have the capacity to grant the General Power of Attorney and not be an undischarged or interim bankrupt.

This document allows you to appoint a replacement Attorney if you so wish.

Can Redwood help me with a General Power of Attorney?

Yes! We offer the full range of Powers of Attorney. Our General Power of Attorney is quick to set up and are available for just £99 inclusive of VAT. Call us on 01489 877 547 or email for more information.